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Quality & Process

Of course, all businesses make claims of high quality. Each has their argument - ours are these, and we believe that they are in fact exceptional:

1. Our copper sinks are made in Santa Clara del Cobre, a town that has worked copper for 500 years. Here, there are thousands of copper artisans and 100 workshops; we work with two of the best, places with excellent equipment and well-run shops, safe and sensible places where skilled craftsmen can put the right amount of time and thought into each piece. These are the most advanced workshops, with exceptional control over key details. Every issue, from the quality and weight of the copper sheeting, to the fineness and regularity of hammering, the perfection of each weld, and the beauty of each patina application, has been carefully planned and executed, for years, by these artisans.

2. Dorian and Clay, two of the owners of Cottaquilla Copper live here. We examine every single piece we ship, in the sunlight. Often there are minor details to rectify. We use a quality control checklist, (one is shown here below), with a number of key questions to ask about each item (for this one, some are specific to sinks) during our inspection process. Other questions, beyond what is on this sheet, come up as well - many we have learned from our customers. It is our intention to only send the very best.

Quality Control Checklist - Kitchen Sinks
1. Are the welds smooth and strong, without pitting or cold weld lines?
2. If there is a problem with a weld, which one is it? Support to apron, corners of the well(s), top of the sink (apron, joint between wells). Describe the problem.
3. Is the apron correct?
Are the sides vertical?
Are the backs of the sides of the apron squared up so that the apron will fit into the counter on both sides?
Looking across the front, is the face smooth, or wavy?
Are the welds for the supports strong?
Are the supports regular?
4. Are there any cracks in the copper? Is the quality of the copper consistent throughout the sink?
5. Is the patina well applied and consistent with what we are naming it?
6. Is the floor of the well pitched to drain properly?
7. Is the hole placed perfectly and made correctly?
8. Is there any possibility that this sink will leak? Where?
9. Are the lips of the sink hammered lightly? Is there any place that they are bent?
10. Are there any "dings" in the sink?
11. Are there any sharp spots? Are there any scratches?
12. Are there enough supports to the apron to prevent the apron from bending when rested upon?
13. Has this sink been water-tested?


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